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Sweet Libertine – Wicked as They Come

Sweet Libertine is a brand that’s new to me. They popped up on my radar after following author Delilah S. Dawson on Twitter. I’m a huge fan of Delilah S. Dawson and her various pen names. On a whim I picked up Wicked As They Come, the first book in her Blud series and I was hooked on the vampy goodness from then on out devouring all the rest of the books in the set and everything else she’s written. When she announced a collaboration with Sweet Libertine to do a line of eyeshadows based on the book series I knew I had to grab a few. After much deliberation I ended up picking Tightrope Girl, Magic Dust and Tsarina’s Kiss. I wear a lot of purples and roses and these all complimented each other. Unfortunately, Magic Dust sold out before I get this post up but there are still super limited quantities of the other two colors. The packaging was wonderful and shipping was incredibly fast. Along with my order I also received complimentary samples of four other eyeshadows. Overall, I was super pleased with the shadows. They are sparkly and rich. All three applied beautifully when wet which is what I recommend to get the most color bang for your buck. I also tested the shadows dry over primer and they work well there too but the color is more subtle. I wouldn’t recommend doing these dry without primer however. I also picked up a sample pack of their mineral concealers which are a product I’ve never tried before with any brand. The lavender is lovely for brightening up dull skin, the yellow helped minimize my dark under eye circles though it didn’t really conceal them, and the green did an adequate job of lessening my redness. Best of all, none of these powders bothered my overly sensitive skin. I also tried a sample of the Transluscent Beige Mineral Veil and it was super nice. I loved how silky it went on and the color was pale enough for my ghostly countenance. In all, I highly recommend both the eyeshadows and the book series they are based on.




Fyi, the messy jars are 100% my doing. I wanted to show off the colors. The jars came perfectly packaged and clean with a sticker over the sifter.

Also, all of these items were purchased by me.

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