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Sephora Insider Shopping Event

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Time for Sephora’s Spring sale! While it’s not as much of a discount as the Fall sale, it’s still worth picking up some things. Here’s my wish list.

Drybar Prep Rally Prime & Prep Detangler – I tried a sample and really liked how it helped me get a second day out of my hair. The smell is not great but it dissipates pretty quickly.

Sunday Riley Power Couple Duo: Total Transformation Kit – I really liked the small sample I tried of Good Genes and I’m really interested in coupling it with the Luna Sleeping Night Oil. Is this stuff overpriced? Yes. But I started seeing results and really want to give it a longer trial period.

Shiseido Facial Cotton – These are such a splurge but I just can’t quit them. They are soooooo soft but yet don’t fall apart. Everything else feels like sandpaper compared. These are definitely best in slot for me.

Urban Decay Finger Brush – If you’ve read my past posts, I’m a huge fan of UD’s brushes. I need a short, dense, not overly soft brush and I’m hoping this one fits the bill. Specifically I hope it makes Tarte’s Make Believe in Yourself Palette usable because it is really finicky.

Sephora Collection Crystal Nail File – I LOVE this file and I want to stock up on a few extras! It’s a best in slot for sure. They aren’t rough, they don’t make your nails ragged and I’ve even smoothed down a callous on my foot with one. These are especially fab if you have acrylic nails because they let you buff out the growth without tearing up your skin. Even my husband thinks it’s magic.

Sephora Collection The Pointer Blending Sponges – Hoping these might help me get a better application for my under eye concealer. So far my beauty blender isn’t cutting it.

Tarte No Shower Happy Hour – I’m a sucker for a kit. My sister has raved about the Hair Goals Dry Shampoo but I want to trial it before committing to the large size since I’m sensitive to the overpowering fragrances most dry shampoos have. The rest of the goodies in the kit sound fun too!

I also want to pick up a liquid foundation to add into my rotation but I haven’t decided which one to buy. My skin has been crazy dry and my usual go-to powder foundations are just accentuating the dryness.

What are your must-haves for the sale?

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Hello again! If there’s one thing you can count on me for it’s disappearing from my blog. When things are busy or stressful blogging is certainly one of the first things to stop for me. And it’s been a stressful and busy couple of months for me. After much soul searching I decided it was time to find a dog. I missed doggy snuggles, the sound of little feets running around and being woken up obscenely early with said little feets digging on my face. As anyone who has brought home a new dog knows, it’s a big lifestyle change… even to someone who already had dogs in the past. New puppers then had to endure the spay from hell and a few other issues. And since dealing with a sick puppy wasn’t enough, I caught a heinous cold. Which morphed into horrendous bronchitis. Which then lingered for over two months. So it’s been an ordeal over here. But most things are finally starting to get back to normal so I thought it was time for a little update. I’m working on trying to reboot my eating habits and health in general after my protracted illness so I’ve got a few products I’ve been trying that I hope to get reviews up for. At any rate, fingers crossed that everything stays normal for a while!